¡¤A Brief Introduction To Chaoyang Municipal Archives &Archives Bureau


Chaoyang Municipal Archives & Archives Bureau is a mergence of Chaoyang Archives Bureau and Chaoyang Archives, led by CPC Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee and Chaoyang Municipal Government.The main functions and responsibilities of Chaoyang Municipal Archives and Archives Bureau is administration and preserve , using of archives.Under the support  of Municipal Party Committee and  Municipal Government and  the society,Chaoyang Archives has made rapid progress.Especially since China¡¯s reform and opening up to outside world,Chaoyang Archives has gained amazing achievement.It provide a great deal of valuable archives information to promote the development of Chaoyang economy and society.The new building of Chaoyang Archives made the conditions of archival preserve better and  increased some new functions. We have owned the reading hall,the exhibition hall,education and training  center,computer center,etc. We¡¯ll serve society public quickly and conveniently.In recent years,we have held five exhibitions ,edited and published historical archives and materials based on the stored archives and materials.The exhibitions have gained good responses from the society.Chaoyang Municipal Archives was named the Chaoyang Municipal Patriotic Education Base in 2002.Chaoyang Municipal Current Records Using Center  was founded in 2005, which put up a bridge connecting the public with Party and government.

We sincerely welcome all public to Chaoyang Archives .We¡¯ll give you a warm reception, beautiful cultrual environment and good service.